2016To The Infected Audience, by BerlinArtProjects Berlin, DE
Imago Mundi Codex Collection by Fondazione Benetton,IT
Book of Life For Rent Exhibition collaborations by Hande Oynar,Nazlı Gurlek and Senem Cagla Bilgin Istanbul,Turkey
2015Un-Known/zine - 4 Collaborations by Joana Kohen & Kıvılcım Gungorun Istanbul,Turkey
2014Un-Known/zine - 3 Inner Issue 5 Editions, Collaborations by Joana Kohen,Lesli Jebahar & Omer Agustoslu
 This is Not My Imagination, There is A Gun on My Back, Publication by Tankut Aykut, Articles by Yesim Akdeniz, SENA & Heval Okcuoglu, Gallery Tankut Aykut Istanbul, Turkey
2013Un-Known/zine - 2 Collaboration Issue 100 Editions, Collaborations by Joana Kohen, Lara Ogel, Koray Zaim, Heval Okcuoglu, SENA, Begum Yetis, Basim Magdy, Omer Agustoslu, HUO RF & Anthony
Miller, Un-Known Istanbul, Turkey
Un-Known/zine - 1 Self Issue 70 Editions, Featuring Artists Joana Kohen, Lara Ogel, Omer Agustoslu and Ekin Ozbicer, Un-Known
Istanbul, Turkey
Prospektus Artist’s Book 1+1=3 by Lara Ogel Articles by, Ozge Ersoy and Joana Kohen, Un-Known Istanbul, Turkey
2012Prospektus Artist’s Book Fauna by Joana Kohen Articles by, Nihan Cetinkaya and Lara Ogel, Un-Known Istanbul, Turkey